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Thursday, 29 December 2011

What I got for Christmas!!

Right apologies in advance, clothes are really hard to take photos of when you're not wearing them (for numptys like me anyway!) and it's been getting dark at like 1pm so lighting is just a nightmare!

I know posting what you got for Christmas is controversial but I love everything I got and want to share it with you guys as a majority was beauty/fashion related!

^ I gave up trying to photograph these!! From L-R: PJs, leopard print all in one and dressing gown! :)

I also got some make-up from the Clothes Show that was part of my Christmas present but I've been using it all so haven't photographed them... will probably do a what's in my make-up bag soon though! :) I also got chocolate (most of which has been eaten! oops!) and 3 boxes of 4 J2Os (also all been drank, oh dear!)


Topshop Dresses

Hi guys!

I wanted to do a what I got for Christmas post but my cameras being playing up so I haven't been able to take photos :( Hopefully will get that sorted later today/tomorrow but for now.. have a look at these cute dresses from Topshop!

Don't you just want them all?! 
Which is your fave? :)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Friday, 23 December 2011

Primark haul & Republic sales!


Firstly, I got these nail foils for £1! I think they look a little tacky but I've wanted to try nail foils for aaaages and this is the first time I'd seen these in Primark so thought I could put them on for Christmas, will update you with a photo when I've applied them! ;)

Got these shoes (again from Primark) a few weeks ago to wear to my work party. I think they were £12 and the heels are about..5 inches! I absolutely LOVE these and I think the price is amazing. Think I'll be getting my heels from Primark from now on! I couldn't walk in them for a good while (had to practise around the house for about a week) and they weren't the most comfortable shoes ever but still love them to bits!

I love uggs! I know a lot of people hate them and they are't the most attractive thing in the world but they're so comfortable and warm in the summer and I love how they look with skinny jeans and leggings so when my old ones got a bit old I searched everywhere for some new cheap ones (didn't want to spend lots when winter is nearly over and they don't last long.) These ones in Primark were down to £5 from £8 - bargain!! (See picture below to see them properly!) Picked up some rasberry coloured leggings too for only £3!

Picked up these.. 3/4 type leggings for £2.50 also from Primark. I was having a bit of a crazy moment. I wanted some little black shorts to put under my dress at Christmas as I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a short dress around my family! So I saw these and thought AH I could wear these underneath my dress BUT they're actually longer than my dress and will probably looking a bit lumpy under my dress so I may take these back!

Picked up these crazy patterned leggings for £6 from Primark BUT took them back today because decided I didn't have the confidence to wear them! :( I love them though!

Got these PJ bottoms for £2 on the sale rack in Primark and the slippers for £5 I think, also from Primark!

I also picked this travel card holder for £3 from Sainsburys to store my college bus pass in because it's getting all frayed at the edges from me taking it in and out of my purse every 5 seconds!

FINALLY, headed to the Republic sale and picked up this aztec, box type top (£10) and a black bandeau (£5) to wear underneath some new tops I've got for Christmas.

Sunday, 18 December 2011





Jelly Pong Pong Wide Awake Palette & Jelly Flush


This week consists of...
  • Present wrapping
  • Present buying
  • Justin Bieber's christmas album
  • Bronzer > blusher
  • PJs and fluffy slippers
  • Eating way too much
  • New Years Eve (I highly recommend this film, it's SO good!!)




This palette is one of the Jelly Pong Pong items I've heard least about so I wasn't expecting much BUT I actually love this!! 
If I'm honest I didn't have a clue what to do with the illuminator so I had to read the back of the packet which told me to apply it under my eyes! OMG it works. It's really good! I have quite dark under eyes and this made such a difference! Other people probably wouldn't notice but I definitely did! It's quite greasy looking so I applied powder over the top which obviously took away some of the illuminosity but I still really like this!
I've been loving the eyebrow sculptor too!! I never put anything on my eyebrows just because I think it looks stupid and unnatural (probably just because I'm not used to it) but I want to because my eyebrows are quite pale so often look...bare. I've used a few different products on my eyebrows before but never liked them so again, wasn't expecting much. I used the darkest shade and I've been wearing it for a few days now. I love it! I don't apply a lot and it looks really natural (I think!) All of the shades are quite gingery though, and my (guy) friend did say my eyebrows looked ginger -__- However, he's a man so I'll just ignore that comment haha! 
The highlighter, I can't really rave about. It's OK but nowhere near as good as my Benefit Highbeam! 
It also comes with an angled brush to apply the eyebrow colours which I've been using and some tiny tweezers (my English teacher would be proud of that alliteration!) Haven't used those yet but overall I really recommend this palette!!


I find this really difficult to use, I'm not sure whether I just ended up with a dodgy one or...
When I run it along my skin nothing comes out apart from the odd patchy red liquid from around the sides which makes it awkward to use and really uneven on the skin. Is anyone else's like this?
When I work with it I do quite like it but I just don't have the patience!! :(
(It smells good though)