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Friday, 23 December 2011

Primark haul & Republic sales!


Firstly, I got these nail foils for £1! I think they look a little tacky but I've wanted to try nail foils for aaaages and this is the first time I'd seen these in Primark so thought I could put them on for Christmas, will update you with a photo when I've applied them! ;)

Got these shoes (again from Primark) a few weeks ago to wear to my work party. I think they were £12 and the heels are about..5 inches! I absolutely LOVE these and I think the price is amazing. Think I'll be getting my heels from Primark from now on! I couldn't walk in them for a good while (had to practise around the house for about a week) and they weren't the most comfortable shoes ever but still love them to bits!

I love uggs! I know a lot of people hate them and they are't the most attractive thing in the world but they're so comfortable and warm in the summer and I love how they look with skinny jeans and leggings so when my old ones got a bit old I searched everywhere for some new cheap ones (didn't want to spend lots when winter is nearly over and they don't last long.) These ones in Primark were down to £5 from £8 - bargain!! (See picture below to see them properly!) Picked up some rasberry coloured leggings too for only £3!

Picked up these.. 3/4 type leggings for £2.50 also from Primark. I was having a bit of a crazy moment. I wanted some little black shorts to put under my dress at Christmas as I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing a short dress around my family! So I saw these and thought AH I could wear these underneath my dress BUT they're actually longer than my dress and will probably looking a bit lumpy under my dress so I may take these back!

Picked up these crazy patterned leggings for £6 from Primark BUT took them back today because decided I didn't have the confidence to wear them! :( I love them though!

Got these PJ bottoms for £2 on the sale rack in Primark and the slippers for £5 I think, also from Primark!

I also picked this travel card holder for £3 from Sainsburys to store my college bus pass in because it's getting all frayed at the edges from me taking it in and out of my purse every 5 seconds!

FINALLY, headed to the Republic sale and picked up this aztec, box type top (£10) and a black bandeau (£5) to wear underneath some new tops I've got for Christmas.

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